Software to avoid kick when you are AFK on Destiny 2

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  • How it works
  • YouTube explanatory video
  • Warning and risks involved
  • Software download


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How it works

My little software allows you not to get kicked out of Destiny 2 games when you are absent (AFK) for a few minutes.

First you have to specify whether you are using an azerty keyboard or a qwerty keyboard.

Then you can activate one or both of the available options:

  • Move your character forward and backward.
  • Make him jump or crouch.

When you click on the Start button, your character performs the movements you have chosen.

Then it repeats this action indefinitely every 30 seconds.

To stop the process, simply click on the Stop button.

For those interested, the software was developed in VB with Visual Studio and .NET.

The main method used to send commands to the Destiny 2 game is Keyboard.SendKeys: go this page on the Microsoft site for more information.

YouTube explanatory video

Warning and risks involved

The use of activity simulation software in video games may contravene the terms of use of the video game in which you are participating. Game publishers may prohibit the use of third-party software and sanction violators, including suspension or termination of the user account.

Game publishers have the right to detect and sanction the use of third-party software. Players using this type of software run the risk of being permanently banned from their account, resulting in the loss of all progress, virtual items, and privileges associated with the account.

By downloading and using my software, you acknowledge these potential risks and accept responsibility for possible consequences. I encourage you to carefully review the Destiny 2 Terms of Use and act responsibly.

By downloading and using my software, you acknowledge that I (Antoine _ cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or consequence arising from the use of the software. You use the software at your own risk and accept responsibility for any violations of the game's terms of use.

Software download

Click on the link below to download the archive file in ZIP format.

It contains a folder which itself contains the following files:

  • JSON file Destiny2 no AFK Kick.runtimeconfig.json.
  • DLL file Destiny2 no AFK Kick.dll.
  • DLL file WindowsInput.dll.
  • EXE file Destiny2 no AFK Kick.exe.

Once the ZIP file is open, drag the folder to your desktop (or elsewhere), double click on the file Destiny2 no AFK Kick.exe.

To work, the latest version of Microsoft .NET must be installed on your PC Windows.

Furthermore, my software does not have a code certificate (paid certificate), so when you click on the EXE file, Windows will tell you that the application has been blocked because it comes from an unrecognized publisher (me) . Click additional information then Run anyway to bypass this warning.

You must be aware of the risks involved and accept the disclaimer to activate the download.


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